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  • How I Cleared My Severe Teen Acne

    Most teenagers are insecure about their looks and acne certainly doesn’t help. For me, I begun to get acne from the age of eleven and it wasn’t just a few spots. My face constantly felt like it was on fire because of the swollen red pimples that had lodged themselves over my entire face. It […]

  • Things I Want To Do to Get Out of My Comfort Zone in 2022

    For the longest time, I’ve been too afraid to express myself whether that be in my clothes, hair, the things I like or the things I believe in. I thought I would be judged for being myself so I became this watered down version of myself mingled with what I thought people expected me to […]

  • Books I Want to Read in 2022

    I don’t usually like to plan out the books that I am going to read but I have seen so many amazing book recommendations recently that I have been dying to read! I also saw a blog post by a super cool blogger The Character Study that inspired me to write my own! I love […]

  • My ‘That Girl’ Morning Routine for 2022

    For the first half of 2021, my morning routine was perfected. 5.00 am, workout, yoga, breakfast. I had it all! But as the months went by I slowly slipped out of my good habits as I spiralled back into my old comfortable habits – my bad habits. But it’s 2022! A fresh new year for […]


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